Spanish vocabulary: HALLOWEEN

¡Truco o trato! (Trick or Treat!) Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and that is why we bring you this very complete infographic with all the vocabulary you need to know 😊 🦇 

Interview with Puro Estilo

This weekwe had the pleasure of being interviewed by the blog of Puro Estilo, a new passionate tour operatoran artist of the journey in love with Cuba, its culture and Salsa. They are so passionate that they will offer travelers who wish to learn the basics of Spanish before leaving (and this is with Espanol Online). 


Do not hesitate to follow them! 


You can see the full interview (in French) here! 


Forming plurals in Spanish is very easy … as easy as following the following rules:

If the word ends in a vowel you need to add an S. El libro >> Los libros.

If the word ends in consonant you need to  add ES. La canción >> Las canciones.

But, as it is usual in Spanish…There are some exceptions!

Look at this resource and watch the video and you won’t have any problems forming the plural in Spanish ever again!

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And don’t forget to review EL GÉNERO masculino and femenino. 😊

Rocío explains this all in this video: