Don’t you know  how to ask and say the time in Spanish yet? How about saying a date?

Don’t worry! We’ll teach you in this week’s post! We also want to teach you to talk about the routine, that is, to say at what time you do things on a daily basis. What time do you get up? What time do you eat? What time do you go to sleep? What time is your Spanish class?

Remember that when we talk about the routine we use Presente de indicativo so check its conjugation and also los Verbos reflexivos.

If you don’t know yet how to say a date in Spanish, here you will find basic and important vocabulary: the months of the year, the days of the week, the seasons …

¿Qué día es hoy y qué hora es? Answer in the comments!

Don’t forget to check the numbers in Spanish from 1 to 31 😉