In this post we will see the most frequent uses of the verb SER and its conjugation in presente de indicativo.

Remember that we cannot always abide by the rule of using “SER when it is permanent and ESTAR when it is temporary”.

We use the verb SER to describe permanent characteristics of people, animals and things but also to talk about quantities, prices and events.

Review all its uses and its conjugation in presente de indicativo and practice in the comments with some phrases. ¡Es muy fácil! 😉

Do not forget to study the adjectives that change their meaning depending on whether we use the verb SER or the verb ESTAR!

Verbos de cambio

verbos de cambio

“Los verbos de cambio” are verbs that express voluntary or involuntary changes that can be temporary or permanent in the appearance, attitude and even the principles of a person. Unlike other languages ​​in which they use one or two verbs (in English “to get”, “to become”; in French “devenir”; in Portuguese “ficar”, “virar”) in Spanish we have several depending on the specific context . It may sound complicated but it is not! With this material you will learn to differentiate and use them correctly.

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verbos de cambio